Multilingual Learners Program (MLL)

Language Universe
Our suite of assessments, supported by our online and in-class practice, provide a comprehensive view of your students abilities in real-time, empowering educators with the information and tools they need to respond and accelerate language acquisition.

Accelerate Language with Our Multilingual Program

Language Instruction

Empower multilingual learners with dynamic reading and writing instruction that offers practice of expressive and receptive skills. 

Progress Monitoring

 Stay informed with continuous data so educators can respond with targeted instruction, identify interventions, and monitor growth.

Literacy Assessments

Increase reclassification opportunities with our reading, writing, and listening assessments and confidently exit students.

LTEL Instruction 

Boost Long Term English Learners' academic reading and writing skills and move them toward meeting grade-level standards.

Language Universe Includes...

Language Instruction

Accelerate English language development by increasing opportunities for multilingual learners to read and write more often and by delivering standards-based, language-rich classroom instruction.

With Language Instruction, you can...
  • Deliver adaptive and differentiated reading, writing, and listening practice that explicitly teaches grade-level standards. 
  • Engage students in weekly reading and writing practice so students can develop reading and writing fluency in preparation for state and local exams.
  • Rehearse transferable, academic skills so students can apply their skill knowledge across content areas.
  • Give instant, personalized feedback to students every week, ensuring students know their strengths and set attainable growth goals.
  • Support readers and writers with smart scaffolds that respond to individual student's needs, leading to greater confidence.
Literacy Geeks Replaces:
i-Ready, IXL, Imagine Learning, Renaissance Star, English 3D & AVID Excel
Language Universe Includes...

Progress Monitoring

With up-to-the-minute-data, educators always know how their students are performing, making monitoring, data-driven lessons, and decision making a snap!

With Progress Monitoring, you can...
  • Utilize up-to-the-minute reading, writing, and listening data to help monitor students' mastery of standards and skills.
  • Assess reading standards authentically by removing multiple guess and engaging students in highlighting text and identifying key terms to truly understand what students know and are able to do.
  • Monitor students in real-time with embedded assessments to increase reading practice and instructional minutes. 
  • Guarantee higher engagement on assessments which results in better, more reliable data.
  • Gain access to dynamic dashboards, making it easy for teachers to conference with their students about their data. 
  • Respond to the needs in the classroom with our Skill Connect Curriculum which connects performance data to lessons, helping teachers deliver data-driven instruction. 
  • Connect students and their families with our parent portal to critical writing data, activity history, and achievements.
Literacy Geeks Replaces:
i-Ready, NWEA MAP, & Renaissance Star
Language Universe Includes...

Reclassification Pathway

With new tools and software, we are able to rethink the "measuring stick" we use to evaluate students language proficiency. With our reading, writing, and listening assessments, schools can reclassify students with confidence, knowing that their students have demonstrated language proficiency in multiple language domains.

With our Reclassification Pathway, you can...
  • Truly measure students' English language proficiency through authentic reading, writing, and listening assessments.
  • Increase opportunities to reclassify students all year with real-time data.
  • Gain a better understanding of skill level in oder to help students prepare for reclassification.
  • Get notified when students are ready to reclassify once they meet performance objectives for reading, writing, and listening.
Literacy Geeks Replaces:
i-Ready, NWEA MAP, & Renaissance Star
Language Universe Includes...

LTEL Instruction

We best serve Long Term English Learners by providing rigorous, grade-level appropriate reading and writing practice and instruction. We use a cognitive approach to literacy instruction to ensure students master essential skills they need to transition out of the EL program and achieve in their academic classes.

With LTEL Instruction, you can...
  • Deliver explicit language instruction to help students develop into stronger readers and writers.
  • Tailor instruction to meet the diverse needs of your LTEL students. Students can learn independently with adaptive online programs and come together and read and write collaboratively.
  • Incorporate activities specifically designed to enhance language development. This includes structured opportunities for speaking, listening, reading, and writing in English. 
  • Integrate culturally relevant content into the curriculum to make learning more meaningful and engaging. By connecting academic concepts to students' cultural backgrounds and experiences, teachers can foster a sense of belonging and increase motivation.
  • Provide explicit instruction in English language skills and standards, including grammar, syntax, vocabulary, and academic language. We support students with explicit teaching strategies such as modeling, guided practice, language scaffolds, and instant, personalized feedback to ensure LTELs develop a deeper understanding of the English language and how it works.  
  • Create opportunities for your LTEL students to collaborate with their peers in structured group activities. This type of academic work promotes social interaction, ignites critical thinking, and helps LTELs develop critical communication skills.
Literacy Geeks Replaces:
English 3D, Edge, and Get Ready

Unparalleled Insights: Unmatched Progress

In the dynamic landscape of education, school and district leaders face a significant challenge: the lack of comprehensive and timely data for their multilingual learners. Making informed decisions about placement, monitoring progress, and reclassification relies on a robust set of data points that, until now, have been hard to come by.

Prepare for State
Language Assessments

Prepare your students for your state language assessment, ensuring students practice the reading, speaking, and listening skills they need to succeed.

Strengthen the
Reclassification Process

Our assessments evaluate reading, writing, and listening skills, ensuring students can demonstrate English proficiency in multiple domains.

Stay On Top of
Progress Monitoring

Our ongoing assessment makes it easy for you to monitor student progress and determine if students are growing and making gains with real-time data.

Gain Real-time Data for
Programs and Intervention

Our embedded assessments deepen what you know about your emerging bilinguals so you can make more informed decisions about placement.

Increase Equity
and Fairness

Our continuous, standards-based assessments deliver fair and unbiased evaluation of language proficiency and provide personalized support.

Respond with Early
Performance Forecasts

Our assessments provide accurate performance forecasts for test like California’s ELPAC and WIDA’s ACCESS assessment.

Equity in Action: Explicit, Skill-Based Instruction

Educators should adopt culturally responsive teaching practices, implement fair and inclusive assessment practices, and explicitly teach skills while fostering an environment that values diversity and individual strengths.

Increase Opportunity

Our Language Universe increases opportunities for English learners to engage in quality, authentic reading and writing practice. We empower students to communicate effectively in various academic settings, improving their overall language proficiency and academic success.

Skill-Based Methodology

Explicit, standards-based reading and writing practice, instruction, and assessments lead to mastery, confidence, and eventually independence. We deliver tasks with varied levels of complexity and provide language support through scaffolding techniques to help multilingual learners comprehend and express themselves effectively. Our learning routines create a sense of community and foster critical thinking, meta-thinking, and language development. Through our program, multilingual learners develop the tools and strategies they need to increase educational opportunities.

Personalized, Non-biased Grading

Our auto-grader delivers unbiased and consistent evaluation. It mitigates potential human biases, ensuring fair assessment for all students. Additionally, advanced computer automation allows us to provide instant, personalized feedback so educators can focus more on personalized instruction, addressing students' individual needs in the classroom.

Get Started Today!

Increase opportunities to practice standards-based reading, writing, and listening skills every week and prepare for state and local language assessments read, Adaptive and supportive reading practice multiple times a week
Provide instant, personalized reading and writing feedback to help students master transferable skills and critical knowledge of language forms and functions
Gain access to clear, actionable data to effectively monitor students and make decisions about curriculum, placement, and reclassification
Deliver engaging, standards-based literacy instruction that promotes critical and analytical thinking and accelerates language development