Writing Program

Ink Writing Universe
Our writing universe is a comprehensive system of assessments, real-time data, online practice and instruction that ensures students have the opportunity to master essential writing skills for a lifetime of success.

Master Writing Standards with Our Writing Program

Writing Practice

Increase opportunities for students to practice communicating effectively through writing. 

Writing Assessments

Assess writing standards each week to understand student progress and drive instruction.

Teacher-driven Lessons

Engage students in text-dependent analysis and support revision with collaborative workshop routines.

Insights Writing Data

Gain insights immediately with auto-grading, rubric scoring, goal setting, and personalized feedback.

Ink Writing Universe Includes...

Writing Practice

Support writing like never before with a responsive writing platform that builds confidence in young writers throughout the writing process.

With Writing Practice, you can...
  • Deliver weekly writing practice so students can rehearse essential writing standards (especially writing with and about sources) and develop writing fluency in preparation for state and local writing exams. 
  • Improve students' ability to talk about writing and improve the overall quality of student writing through collaborative writing workshops.
  • Give instant, personalized feedback to students ensuring every student grows from quality writing feedback every week. 
  • Support data-driven instruction by assigning short writing tasks more often that target specific moves in writing.
  • Engage students in a transferable writing process that they can use to successfully complete writing tasks across content areas.
Literacy Geeks Replaces:
Copyleaks, PackBack, & CommonLit
Ink Writing Universe Includes...

Writing Assessments

Evaluate students' writing skills throughout the year and let us do the heavy lifting.

With Writing Assessments, you can...
  • Provide common assessments at each grade level 2-3 times a year so professional teams like PLCs and grade level teams have writing data to drive decisions.
  • Auto-grade hundreds to thousands of essays instantly with advanced computer automation, ensuring real-time results, personalized feedback, and non-biased grading.  
  • Assess authentic student writing in order to better understand how students use language to effectively communicate.
  • Engage students in an automated proofreading process that ensures students turn in their best work.
Literacy Geeks Replaces:
Copyleaks, PackBack, and all other multiple guess "writing tests"
Ink Writing Universe Includes...

Teacher-Driven Lessons

Explicitly teach a research-based writing process and build essential writing skills and confidence.   

With Teacher-Driven Lessons, you can...
  • Explicitly teach a transferable writing skills that students can use independently with various writing tasks across content areas which includes analyzing a writing prompt, reading a source purposefully, and revising writing with collaborative workshop routines.
  • Engage students in whole class and small group writing instruction with step-by-step instructional moves to ensure students have the support they need to develop critical writing skills. 
  • Facilitate text-dependent writing lessons that teach students how to analyze a text and incorporate textual evidence into original writing, effectively supporting their ideas and arguments.
Literacy Geeks Replaces:
Newsela, iReady, CommonLit, & Achieve 3000
Ink Writing Universe Includes...

Insights Writing Data

With up-to-the-minute-data, educators always know how their students are performing, making monitoring, data-driven lessons, and decision making a snap!

With Insights Data, you can...
  • Utilize up-to-the-minute writing data to help monitor students' mastery of writing standards.
  • Gain access to dynamic dashboards, making it easy for teachers to conference with their students about their writing data. 
  • Review growth reports that compare current writing scores to diagnostic results to better understand where students are growing and where they still need help. 
  • Respond to the needs in the classroom with our Skill Connect Curriculum which connects performance data to writing lessons, helping teachers deliver data-driven instruction. 
  • Connect students and their families with our parent portal to critical writing data, activity history, and achievements.
Literacy Geeks Replaces:
i-Ready, NWEA MAP, & Renaissance Star

Leading the Writing Revolution!

We simplify common writing assessments, making them more accessible, and deliver powerful data to inform instruction!

Real-Time Data

With our computer-based intelligence, we deliver timely feedback on students' writing skills. This immediate feedback is more effective in helping students grow as writers.

Track Progress

We ensure educators can track individual student progress over time so that teachers can facilitate targeted interventions and personalized instruction.

Feedback & Goals

Our personalized feedback engages students in higher-level thinking as they evaluate their strengths and work toward achieving specific writing goals.

Targeted Instruction

With our Insight Data, teachers can easily analyze results, identify gaps, review student goals and clearly understand where to go with writing instruction.

Equity and Fairness

Our process mitigates potential bias and subjectivity, allowing for more equitable evaluations and reducing disparities among students.

Teachers as Coaches

When teachers have access to authentic writing data, they can spend more time coaching and developing powerful writing lessons and less time evaluating!

Equity in Action: Explicit Writing Instruction

Continuous writing practice, effective writing instruction, and instant feedback contribute significantly to equitable teaching practices.

Volume Leads to Voice

By emphasizing ongoing writing practice, students who write with us develop and refine their writing skills over time, accommodating varied starting points and providing ample opportunities for improvement.

Methodology Matters

Writing instruction that is explicit and well-structured ensures that students receive clear guidance on how to express themselves effectively. This is particularly important for learners with different levels of proficiency or varied linguistic backgrounds.

Personalized, Non-biased Grading

Our auto-grader delivers unbiased and consistent evaluation. It mitigates potential human biases, ensuring fair assessment for all students. Additionally, advanced computer automation allows us to provide instant, personalized feedback so educators can focus more on personalized instruction, addressing students' individual needs in the classroom.

Get Started Today!

Weekly writing practice of standards-based writing skills 
Instant, personalized feedback to help students grow
Auto-grade writing so teachers can focus on lesson design and work more closely with their students
Clear, actionable data to support writing instruction in the classroom
Common writing assessments and dynamic dashboards to help educators understand how to best support their students