Multilingual Learner Class

Be Your Brainiest Self
Accelerate language acquisition and increase engagement and motivation with a designated ELD elective class that focuses on attitude, confidence, and academic English. Deliver rigorous, inspired instruction from bell-to-bell!

Always working toward excellence!

Positive Culture

High expectations for attitude and performance and enthusiastic Scholarly Coaches create positive classroom culture.

Academic Work

Students excel when we believe in them and treat them intelligently. Our work is rigorous because students can do it!

Feedback and Goals

Timely, personalized feedback based on goals is essential to growth. We deliver instant reading and writing feedback.

Scholarly and Scholarly MLL Classes Deliver...

Standards-Based Learning

Scholarly Coaches (classroom teachers) focus on building academic skills every day because Scholarly learning outcomes are based on the College and Career Readiness Standards.  

With Standards-Based Learning, you can...
  • Ensure students receive adaptive and differentiated reading, writing, and listening practice every day.
  • Explicitly teach grade-level standards with a blended approach to learning through online lessons and direct instruction.
  • Develop reading and writing fluency in preparation for state and local exams.
  • Master transferable, academic skills so students can strategically apply skills in their content area classes.
  • Provide continuous, personalized feedback for reading, listening, and writing.
  • Involve students in the learning process by setting attainable growth goals.
  • Consistently support students with smart scaffolds that respond to individual student's needs, leading to greater confidence.
Literacy Geeks' Scholarly Replaces:
IXL, Read180, AVID, AVID Emerge, & AVID Excel
Scholarly and Scholarly MLL Classes Include...

Reading Practice and Assessment

Close opportunity gaps by increasing reading reps every week. Students gain confidence as they read on our adaptive, online program and sharpen their reading skill as they read with their Scholarly Coach (classroom teacher). Students fall in love with fictional stories and learn how to read informational and argumentative texts with an analytical eye.   

With Reading Practice and Assessment, you can...
  • Deliver adaptive and differentiated reading practice that meet students where they are, motivating them to grow. 
  • Motivate students do try their best with our engaging pedagogy and gamified approach to learning.
  • Introduce students to a variety of high-interest texts across subjects, deepening their knowledge of critical content and subject-specific vocabulary. 
  • Utilize up-to-the-minute reading data to help monitor students' mastery of standards and skills.
  • Enhance instruction with embedded assessments that report in real-time how students are doing. 
  • Gain access to dynamic dashboards, making it easy for Scholarly Coaches to conference with their students about their data. 
  • Easily target individual learning needs with our Skill Connect Curriculum which connects performance data to lessons. 
  • Keep students and families in the know with our parent portal.
Literacy Geeks' Scholarly Replaces:
IXL, Read180, NWEA MAP, Renaissance Star, i-Ready, & AVID.
Scholarly and Scholarly MLL Classes Include...

A Writing Universe

Support student writers like never before, and let us support the teacher like never before. The Scholarly writing platform builds confidence in young writers throughout the writing process and auto-grades their writing, providing rubric scores and instant, personalized feedback. Yep, we do all that so the Scholarly Coaches can spend more time coaching their writers and less time grading.

With our Writing Universe, you can...
  • Increase weekly writing practice, closing opportunity gaps around writing standards and the writing process.  
  • Master essential writing standards and develop writing fluency in preparation for state and local writing exams. 
  • Engage students in Collaborative Peer Review, teaching them how to read as a writers and help each other grow.
  • Give instant, personalized writing feedback every week. 
  • Enhance learning with a transferable writing process that students can use across content areas.
  • Gain access to writing standards data based on authentic, student writing.
Literacy Geeks' Scholarly Replaces:
i-Ready, NWEA MAP, Renaissance Star, NoRedInk, & AVID
Scholarly and Scholarly MLL Classes...

Build Community

With our Scholarly Class, passionate Scholarly Coaches (classroom teachers) have the time in the school day to create an incredible learning environment where community building and forging connections becomes the foundation of learning and growing together. Throughout the week, Young Scholars engage in various activities like journaling, character lessons, community time, and Family Friday that help all learners feel a sense of belonging.

In order to Build Community, Young Scholars...
  • Engage in weekly journaling that help them focus on themselves and explore their voice through writing. 
  • Enjoy "WIN" time during the week to do what they need to do in order to meet their goals that week. Students can study for a test, organize their backpacks, read lines for an upcoming play, finish homework, etc. 
  • Gather as a family and learn how to communicate as a community of Scholars. 
  • Explore the character traits of successful people in order to identify those skills in themselves and sharpen them.
  • Connect through team building, college days, and Family Fridays.
Literacy Geeks' Scholarly Replaces:
English 3D, Edge, and Get Ready
Scholarly and Scholarly MLL Classes Include...

Instructional Design

Each week, your young Scholars experience thoughtful instructional design that engages them in learning routines that seamlessly incorporate reading, speaking, and writing skills. The instructional design in the Scholarly Class develops the whole child and builds confidence as students develop essential skills and character.

With our Instructional Design, you can...
  • Explicitly teach college and career readiness standards.  
  • Engage students in thoughtful conversations every day. 
  • Provide time each week to help students get organized, study for tests, and complete projects.
  • Expand students' understanding of college preparedness and explore various aspects of college including majors, college campuses, and degrees. 
  • Enhance research and study skills that transfer to core academic classes.
Literacy Geeks' Scholarly Replaces:
IXL, Read180, AVID, AVID Emerge, & AVID Excel

Scholarly delivers college readiness!

To best prepare students for college and careers, students must engage in work that aligns to what colleges, universities, and careers expect. Our research on college readiness shows a significant gap between how students are expected to think in secondary classrooms and what colleges and universities expect them to know and do.

Close Reading

Increase opportunities for students to master close reading skills so that they can become more strategic readers; analyzing both what texts say and what authors do.

Text-dependent Writing

Explicitly teach and rehearse the various components of introducing and integrating sources to ensure students master this essential writing skill.

Academic Conversations

Engage students in authentic conversations about texts and teach them how to defend their ideas by referencing textual details when speaking and writing.

Grit and Perseverance

Research on Grit suggests students who experience success more often are those who are gritty and can persevere. That's why grit is central to our character education.


The ability to effective collaborate is essential. In the Scholarly Class, students use communication to learn from each other, grow as a community, and help each other.


Scholarly students constantly analyze evaluate, and apply new knowledge. They are challenged with complex tasks that require ingenuity, creativity, and self-reflection.

Equity in Action: Explicit, Skill-Based Instruction

Scholarly delivers culturally responsive teaching practices, implements fair and inclusive assessment practices, and explicitly teaches skills while fostering an environment that values diversity and individual strengths.

Increase Opportunity

Our Literacy Multiverse increases opportunities for Young Scholars to engage in quality, authentic reading and writing practice every week. We empower students to communicate effectively in various academic settings, improving their ability to engage in academic conversations.

Skill-Based Methodology

Explicit, standards-based reading and writing practice, instruction, and assessments lead to mastery, confidence, and eventually independence. We deliver tasks with varied levels of complexity. Our learning routines create a sense of community and foster critical thinking and meta-thinking. Through Scholarly, students develop the tools and strategies they need to increase educational opportunities. 

Personalized, Non-biased Grading

Our auto-grader delivers unbiased and consistent evaluation. It mitigates potential human biases, ensuring fair assessment for all students. Additionally, advanced computer automation allows us to provide instant, personalized feedback so educators can focus more on personalized instruction, addressing students' individual needs in the classroom.

Get Started Today!

Ensure your young Scholars experience a positive classroom culture so that they feel connected to a community of learners.     
Increase opportunities to practice college and career readiness reading, writing, and listening standards and skills every week.
Provide instant, personalized reading and writing feedback to help students master transferable skills that will help them succeed in all subject areas.
Deliver engaging, standards-based literacy instruction that promotes critical and analytical thinking and accelerates academic reading, speaking, and writing skills.