About Us

Meet the Geeks!
We are committed to developing "multigenerational game-changing" literacy solutions! Our geeky team is obsessed with building innovative reading and writing programs that revolutionize literacy instruction and assessment! Welcome to Literacy Geeks!

Driven by Passion and a Vision for Excellence

Jonathan and I are the dynamic duo behind Literacy Geeks, a company born out of our enduring friendship and shared passion for education.

As we navigated through our college experiences in sunny San Diego, our paths took us on slightly different trajectories. Jonathan immersed himself in the world of education, earning degrees in English and Rhetoric and Writing, while I found my niche in technology, honing my skills in web application development.

We quickly discovered that our diverse skill sets could make a tangible impact in the field of education.

Through our extensive research and hands-on experience, we identified a pressing need for explicit, skill-based instruction in academic literacy, particularly in grades 3-12. Leveraging our individual strengths and fueled by our shared vision, we embarked on our entrepreneurial journey.

Our inaugural project, LiteracyTA, was a groundbreaking online teacher guide aimed at helping educators seamlessly integrate new reading, writing, and speaking standards into their curriculum. With a focus on teaching methodologies rather than mere content delivery, LiteracyTA quickly garnered attention and became a go-to resource for over 50,000 educators nationwide.

In 2014, our innovative approach to education was celebrated by EdTech Digest, naming us Edupreneurs of the Year—an accolade that fueled our passion to push boundaries further.

As our company flourished, we expanded our repertoire of EdTech literacy programs, materials, and trainings, all driven by our unwavering dedication to empowering students in their journey towards reading and writing excellence.

In 2020, we unveiled Quindew, a revolutionary student-facing program designed to transform reading instruction and assessment. Departing from traditional multiple-choice evaluations, Quindew offered an adaptive, standards-based approach that resonated with educators and students alike, earning us recognition as Cool Tool Finalists by EdTech Digest.

Building on this success, in 2023, we introduced Ink Writing Universe—an interactive platform delivering weekly writing practice, instruction, and assessment. With a keen awareness of the importance of writing in fostering literacy skills, we developed Ink to streamline the writing process, allowing teachers to focus on coaching rather than grading, and students to receive immediate feedback on their work.

At Literacy Geeks, we're on a mission to redefine literacy education, one innovative program at a time. Join us as we continue to inspire, innovate, and make a meaningful difference in the lives of learners everywhere. Together, let's champion the transformative power of literacy and ignite a lifelong love for learning!

Meet the Co-Founders
Meet our Chief Geek and Co-Founder

Jonathan LeMaster

Jonathan is a prominent figure in the field of education, renowned for his dedication to revolutionizing reading and writing practices for students in Grades 3 through 12. Jonathan epitomizes the fusion of educational expertise and technological innovation.

Jonathan's journey began as an English teacher at EL Cajon Valley High School where he taught all levels of English and multilingual learners. During his time as a high school teacher, Jonathan authored Critical Reading: Deep Reading Strategies for Expository Texts. Critical Reading attempts to close opportunity gaps and align secondary reading and writing instruction to post-secondary expectations.

After teaching for two years at San Diego State University for the Department of Rhetoric and Writing, Jonathan became a middle school teacher. 

Throughout his career, Jonathan has remained steadfast in his mission to equip students across elementary, secondary, and post-secondary levels with the essential skills for success in higher education and the workforce. Rooted in a profound belief in the untapped potential of every student, Jonathan stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of education, blending his expertise as a literacy pedagogue with his entrepreneurial spirit to drive meaningful change in the lives of students and educators worldwide.

Meet our Tech Geek and Co-Founder

Lee Ramsey

Lee is a visionary in the realm of educational technology, dedicating his days to pioneering innovative methods to enhance students' reading and writing abilities. With two decades of expertise in application development, he has established himself as a trailblazer in crafting cutting-edge web applications from inception.

Driven by a passion for leveraging technology to empower learners, Lee wakes up every morning with a singular focus: devising new approaches to help students grow as readers and writers.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Lee is driven by a profound sense of purpose – a belief that education is the cornerstone of a better future. His unwavering dedication to advancing literacy skills is not merely a career pursuit but a deeply held conviction that drives him to make a meaningful difference in the lives of students worldwide.

As Lee Ramsey continues to push the boundaries of educational technology, his impact reverberates far beyond the confines of the digital realm. Through his tireless efforts, he is not only shaping the way we teach and learn but also inspiring generations to come to embrace the transformative power of knowledge.

We Believe!

Be audacious, be bold, and always do what is right for students!

Believe Kids Can

Students can do hard things, especially when you believe in them. Our lessons, instruction, and assessments are rigorous because when we set high expectations, students meet them!

Engage All Minds

The goal of any lesson is to get students thinking collaboratively and independently. We ignite thinking through discussion, problem solving, and metacognition. 

Process Over Product

When the product is the goal, students miss important opportunities to learn and grow. The process is where learning happens, when skills are formed, and when confidence is developed.

Standards-Based Instruction

Explicit, skill-based instruction is the key to mastering reading, speaking, and writing standards. Skills must be modeled and rehearsed in every class, every day.

Equity and Belonging

Differentiation and responsive teaching practices are critical to student achievement. And when students are seen, supported, and evaluated without bias, they feel connected. 

Practice & Feedback

Opportunity gaps narrow and close when students have more time to rehearse reading and writing skills. And growth increases when students receive instant, quality feedback.