Are your students struggling to meet literacy standards?
Meet Literacy Geeks.

Growing students' literacy skills and confidence through fun and equitable online reading and writing programs is what we do best.

Are your students struggling to meet literacy standards?
Meet Literacy Geeks.

Growing students' literacy skills and confidence through fun and equitable online reading and writing programs is what we do best.

Game-Changing Literacy Programs!

Reading Program

Quest Reading Universe

  • Adaptive, online reading practice
  • Embedded reading comprehension assessments
  • Teacher-driven skill-based lessons and curriculum
  • Real-time data to inform instruction and curriculum decisions

Writing Program

Ink Writing Universe

  • Auto-graded writing practice
  • Common writing assessments by grade-level
  • Teacher-driven text-dependent lessons and curriculum
  • Instant, personalized feedback and data to inform instruction

MLL Program

Language Universe

  • Language-rich reading, listening, and writing practice
  • Continuous language assessments
  • Teacher-driven lessons with instructional literacy routines
  • Real-time data on reading, listening, and writing for placement and monitoring

Why Literacy Geeks is the Answer

Let's face it. Students need to be reading and writing more. Doing something over and over again is the only way to get better. But reading or writing without support, instruction, and immediate feedback will not produce positive results. Practice and Instruction must include differentiation, continuous feedback, and engaging learning routines. If we continue to limit opportunities to practice reading and writing and assign tasks without explicit, skill-based instruction, students will continue to struggle. This is one reason why reading and writing scores across the nation are slow to improve. In many cases, scores don't go up. They go down.

This is where we can help!

Our dynamic learning engines differentiate practice with on-demand tutorials that explicitly teach literacy standards. With our learning engines, educators can increase authentic reading practice by 100X and writing practice by 500X. We extend instructional minutes, deliver powerful pedagogy, and assess along the way so teachers know who their students are as readers and writers and what they can do to help.

Revolutionary, Research-Based Learning Engines

We've created diverse learning platforms designed to provide students with the most captivating and personalized learning journey imaginable!

Rooted In Research Effective Through Delivery

Our academic literacy programs are anchored in state literacy standards and research-based language comprehension strategies and explicit, skill-based pedagogy.

Educators and Students Love Literacy Geeks

Blanca, WI
“I am a more confident teacher of reading and writing thanks to these literacy programs.”
Susan, GA
“We should be doing this more. Our students need explicit literacy instruction. This is the whole package.”
Rick, CA
“My kids love the online reading programs! I love it because it teaches so many soft skills like perseverance, determination, and curiosity. I also like how the online programs teach students to read directions carefully. Very pleased!”

Award Winning Literacy Programs

Since 2008, Literacy Geeks has developed award winning resources for the explicit teaching of reading, speaking, and writing skills. We have helped over a million students grow their literacy skills!
In 2020, our online reading programs were named as top finalists for Best New Product and Best Reading Solution.
In 2017, LiteracyTA was named Trend Setter Finalist for its vertically aligned, standards-based literacy curriculum.
In 2014, Co-Founders Jonathan LeMaster and Lee Ramsey were named Edupreneurs of the year for their innovation and leadership in education.

Your Ultimate Literacy Partner

From reading & writing instruction to student results, we have your back.

Great Literacy Data

We provide up-to-the-minute insights to ensure you have the data you need to make informed decisions.  

Excellent Instruction

We infuse powerful methodology and pedagogy to ensure students are always thinking and growing.

Increased Practice

We are laser focused on increasing opportunities for students to read and write more authentically more often.

Strong Literacy Culture

We believe students can do hard things and believing in kids is the first step to seeing their full potential.

Get Started Today!

Fun and engaging literacy programs for every grade level 3-12
Immediate, personalized feedback and goals for students
Clear, actionable data to support reading & writing instruction
Engaging, standards-based instruction that promotes critical and analytical thinking.
District level dashboards that ensure administrators have the information they need to effectively monitor students and make decisions about curriculum and professional development