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Lessons, Curriculum, Assessments, and Data

We "Geek-out" about how literacy skills, skill-based pedagogy, and EdTech come together to transform lives!

A complete literacy program!

From curriculum planning to student results, we have your back. 


Engaging routines, skill-based lessons, and supported practice.


High-interest texts and vertically aligned skills curriculum.


Embedded diagnostic, benchmark, and growth assessments.


Clear, intuitive data built to inform and guide instruction.

Meet our family of literacy programs

Literacy is the building blocks to all learning. Let's build these critical skills together! 

Leading the reading revolution!

We use technology to make a fundamental change to the way literacy skills are taught and assessed. Literacy Geeks leverages technology to measure skill ability in authentic reading & writing lessons to create unique learning pathways that accelerate literacy growth and ignite thinking. 

Rigor with Support

We motivate and build confidence by increasing lesson complexity with guided support.

Equity and Belonging

We ensure all students get what they need and feel connected to a community of learners. 

High Engagement

We monitor and increase student engagement so students love learning with us.

Improvement Focused

We deliver real-time data and quality feedback in order to ensure students continuously improve. 

Skill-based Instruction

We teach literacy skills not test taking skills. Learning transfers so students can thrive independently. 

Assess while Learning

We increase quality instructional minutes by assessing students while they learn.

Data Transparency

We provide next-level data that includes insightful, question-level details that tell a clear story.

Responsive Lessons

We design adaptive AI lessons that differentiate instruction and support responsive teaching.

Rooted in research Effective through delivery

Our academic literacy programs are anchored in state literacy standards and research-based language comprehension strategies and explicit, skill-based pedagogy.

Students and teachers love it!

I am a more confident teacher of reading and writing thanks to these literacy programs.”

- Blanca, WI

I appreciate the blended learning. My middle schools can practice online with Quindew, and I can teach the skills with LiteracyTA's reading curriculum. I'm in love!”

- Chris, IL

Thank you for making literacy programs relevant to all subject areas not just ELA.”

- Grant, NC

We should be doing this more. Our students need explicit literacy instruction. This is the whole package.”

- Susan, GA

My kids love the online reading programs! I love it because it teaches so many soft skills like perseverance, determination, and curiosity. I also like how the online programs teach students to read directions carefully. Very pleased!”

- Rick, CA

EdTech Digest Awards Best Reading Solutions!

We are pleased to announce that Quindew was named as a top finalist for Best New Product and Best Reading Solution for 2020. Quindew continues to lead the way in reading instruction and assessment.  
Since 2008, the co-founders of Literacy Geeks, have developed award winning resources for the explicit teaching of reading, speaking, and writing skills. Literacy Geeks have helped over a million students since they launched their literacy curriculum. In 2014, they were recognized for their leadership in education. 
In 2017, LiteracyTA was named Trend Setter finalist for its vertically aligned, standards-based literacy curriculum.

Your ultimate literacy partner

From reading & writing curriculum planning to student results, we have your back. 

Great Literacy Data

We provide up-to-the-minute reading and writing data to drive instruction and monitor growth.

Excellent Instruction

We infuse powerful methodology and pedagogy to ensure students are always thinking and growing.

Increased Practice

We are laser focused on engaging students in quality literacy practice so students read and write more.

Strong Literacy Culture

We believe that students can do hard things and believing in kids is the first step to greatness.

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Literacy programs for every grade level 3-12
Immediate, personalized feedback and goals for students
Clear, actionable data to support reading & writing instruction
Teaching and learning resources for both students and teachers
District level dashboards that ensure administrators have the information they need to effectively monitor students and make decisions about curriculum and professional development 
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