Reading Program

Quest Reading Universe
Our reading universe is a comprehensive system of assessments, real-time data, online practice and instruction that ensures students have the opportunity to master essential reading skills for a lifetime of success.

Master Reading Standards with Our Reading Program

Reading Practice

Increase opportunities for students to learn, practice, and master essential deep reading skills. 

Reading Assessments

Continuously assess reading standards to better understand student progress.

Teacher-driven Lessons

Engage students in literacy lessons that leverage speaking and writing to support the teaching of reading. 

Clarity Reading Data

Deepen understanding with next-level data that includes growth reports and question-level details.

Quest Reading Universe Includes...

Reading Practice

From online, adaptive practice to whole group and small group instruction, we provide powerful reading practice that enhances learning and develops students into independent readers.

With Reading Practice, you can...
  • Deliver adaptive and differentiated reading practice that meet students where they are, motivating them to grow. 
  • Rehearse transferable deep reading comprehension skills so students can apply their skill knowledge to content area reading.
  • Introduce students to a variety of high-interest texts across subjects, deepening their knowledge of critical content and subject-specific vocabulary. 
  • Support readers with strategic scaffolds that respond to individual student's needs, leading to greater confidence.
Literacy Geeks Replaces:
I-Ready, Achieve 3000, & Dreambox Learning
Quest Reading Universe Includes...

Reading Assessments

Evaluate students' reading ability while they rehearse critical deep reading comprehension skills.

With Reading Assessments, you can...
  • Assess reading standards authentically by removing multiple guess and engaging students in highlighting text and identifying key terms to truly understand what students know and are able to do.
  • Monitor students in real-time with embedded assessments to increase reading practice and instruction. 
  • Give students second chance opportunities to answer questions they miss with added support in order to engage students in the learning process.
  • Guarantee higher engagement on assessments which results in better, more reliable data.
Literacy Geeks Replaces:
I-Ready, NWEA MAP, & Renaissance Star
Quest Reading Universe Includes...

Teacher-Driven Lessons

Deliver powerful reading lessons that explicitly teach reading standards that build critical thinking skills and increase engagement and confidence. 

With Teacher-Driven Lessons, you can...
  • Explicitly teach a transferable reading process that students can use independently with various reading tasks across content areas.
  • Leverage pedagogically sound reading routines with step-by-step instructional moves to ensure students effectively engage in critical thinking and academic conversations about text.
  • Master deep reading comprehension skills that teach students how to analyze how writers construct meaning through text structure, diction, evidence, and reasoning.
  • Facilitate text-dependent writing lessons that teach students how to break down a prompt, analyze a text, and incorporate textual evidence into original writing.
Literacy Geeks Replaces:
CommonLit, Achieve3000, Newsela, & Actively Learn
Quest Reading Universe Includes...

Clarity Reading Data

It's easy to move forward when you have clear, reliable data on what students know and can do!

With Clarity Reading Data, you can...
  • Continuously assess students without losing critical instructional time so you have data when you need it.
  • Utilize up-to-the-minute data to help monitor students and drive standards-based instruction.
  • Gain access to clear data dashboards and question level details, making it easy for teachers to conference with their students about their data. 
  • Review growth reports that compare current reading scores to diagnostic results to better understand where students are growing and where they still need help. 
  • Respond to the needs in the classroom with our Skill Connect Curriculum which allows teachers to strategically group students and target reading skills students have not yet mastered. 
  • Connect students and their families with our Parent Portal to reading data, growth reports, activity history, and achievements.
Literacy Geeks Replaces:
I-Ready, NWEA MAP, Newsela, & Renaissance Star

Leading the Reading Revolution!

We use technology to make a fundamental change to the way literacy skills are taught and assessed. Literacy Geeks leverages technology to measure skill ability in authentic reading & writing lessons to create unique learning pathways that accelerate literacy growth and ignite thinking.

Rigor with Support

We motivate and build confidence by increasing lesson complexity with guided support.

Equity and Belonging

We ensure all students get what they need and feel connected to a community of learners. 

High Engagement

We monitor and increase student engagement so students love learning with us.

Improvement Focused

We deliver real-time data and quality feedback in order to ensure students continuously improve. 

Skill-based Instruction

We teach literacy skills not test taking skills. Learning transfers so students can thrive independently. 

Assess while Learning

We increase quality instructional minutes by assessing students while they learn.

Data Transparency

We provide next-level data that includes insightful, question-level details that tell a clear story.

Responsive Lessons

We design adaptive AI lessons that differentiate instruction and support responsive teaching.

Equity in Action: Explicit Reading Instruction

Our reading instruction plays a crucial role in supporting equitable teaching practices and promoting access and opportunity for all students.

Opportunities to Thrive

By increasing the amount of time students spend reading and by employing a clear and direct approach that explicitly teaches students when, how, and why to use specific reading strategies, educators ensure that essential literacy skills are accessible to everyone.

Methodology Matters

Grounded in cognitive science, our methodology provides a level playing field for diverse learners because we address cognitive and conceptual aspects of literacy, fostering a deeper understanding while dismantling barriers and making literacy more accessible.

Positivity Empowers

We empower students to excel regardless of their starting point by creating a culture of positivity, speaking kindly, and encouraging students to do their best. Positive messaging along with assets-mindset contribute to a successful learning environment for all.

Get Started Today!

Adaptive and differentiated reading practice and instruction
Standards-based reading skills that transfer across subject areas
Clear, actionable data for targeted reading instruction
Engaging, reading routines that promote critical and analytical thinking
School and district level dashboards that ensure administrators have the information they need to effectively monitor students and make decisions about curriculum, interventions, and professional development