Build confident and capable writers with our standards-based writing practice that auto-grades and delivers instant feedback

Get ready to transform your writing instruction by harnessing the power of Ink--a Writing Universe that delivers differentiated support, explicit writing instruction, and instant, personalized feedback.

Why Do Students Need Writing Practice?

We believe that a well-rounded writing process is the cornerstone of academic success. Our cutting-edge platform transforms the traditional stages of prewriting, drafting, proofreading, and revision into a seamless, pedagogically sound experience. With Ink, every keystroke becomes a step towards amplified thinking.
Our Pedagogy, Methodology, and Blended Approach Is Different...

Instant, Personalized Feedback

Our feedback happens immediately after students complete a writing task. The depth and quality of the feedback is precisely what teachers want to give students each time they write.

With our Instant, Personalized Feedback, you can...
  • deliver personalized, kid-friendly feedback for every criteria in the rubric.
  • release scores and rubric results when teachers are ready.
  • celebrate students, identify growth opportunities, and set goals for each student.
  • provide suggestions, strategies, and language frames when necessary to help students improve their writing.

Auto-Graded Writing Practice

With auto-grading, we make it easy for students to write more. Students can practice writing standards, complete formative writing tasks, and sharpen their writing skills each week.

With our Auto-Graded Writing Practice, you can...
  • target specific writing standards with our Skill Target writing assignments--shorter writing tasks that work on one or two skills at a time like introducing sources or reasoning through evidence.
  • select from100+ standards-based rubrics that support writing in science, history/social science, and English.
  • support students by having them practice integrating sources into their own writing (text-dependent analysis).
  • engage students in various writing types that require specific techniques and structures.
  • develop students' writing fluency by asking them to write more every week.

Smart Proofreader

We found that a lot of student work wasn't ready to be graded. That is why we created proofreader that auto-checks students' writing before they can turn it in.  

With our Smart Proofreader, you can...
  • produce the best writing possible with our Proofreader that checks 12 essential aspects of writing.
  • provide proofreading lessons to help students understand the value of proofreading and how to do it well.
  • pause and fix grammar and mechanics, paragraph structure, and writing that might be off topic.
  • identify if students are quoting sources correctly.

Collaborative Peer Review

Our Collaborative Peer Review workshops cultivate essential reading, writing, and speaking skills. Students learn to read like writers as they analyze, evaluate, edit, and revise each other's writing. Students become stronger writers as they help their classmates find their unique voices.

With our Collaborative Peer Review, you can...
  • enhance writing skills such as grammar, structure, and style through hands-on practice and feedback.
  • encourages creativity by providing a supportive environment for brainstorming and exploring new ideas.
  • develop writing confidence through constructive feedback and validation.
  • cultivate critical thinking skills as students analyze and evaluate their own work and that of their peers.
  • foster a sense of community among writers, promoting collaboration and the exchange of diverse perspectives.

Unlock the Power of Visible Thinking with Ink!

We believe that a well-rounded writing process is the cornerstone of academic success. Our cutting-edge platform transforms the traditional stages of prewriting, drafting, proofreading, and revision into a seamless, pedagogically sound experience. With Ink, every keystroke becomes a step towards amplified thinking.

Identify Standards

Individual teachers, PLCs, or grade level teams identify writing standards to practice.

Craft a Prompt

Teachers craft a writing prompt that aligns with the standards or they select a task from our library.

Select a Rubric

Teachers choose a rubric from our rubric library that aligns to the writing standards and prompt.

Assign to Students

When a writing assignment is read, teachers assign it to a class and students can begin writing.

Let Us Show You How It Works...

Plan and Organize

Before the "ink" hits the page, students dive into a prewriting adventure. Our platform sparks critical thinking as students read their prompts, rubrics, and sources if available. Students plan and organize their ideas with our interactive note-taking system, or they can create their own graphic organizers with paper. When students take ownership of creating spaces for their ideas, they become more engaged, think more critically, and build lifelong organizational skills.


When students are ready to write, students can easily view the prompt, rubric, and sources to help them craft their written responses. Students use their notes or graphic organizers to keep track of important ideas and organize their thoughts.

Students navigate the writing space with ease with split screens that allow them to scroll through their writing and look through the prompt, rubric, and sources simultaneously. If students need more space to write, they can view full-screen with a click of a button.

Proofread and Revise

Revise with purpose and precision in the Ink Writing Universe! Our platform empowers students to not just revise but to critically analyze and reflect on their writing.

Our revision process begins with our Smart Proofreader. Students submit their writing and we check for various issues including writing on topic, paragraphing, open and close quotation marks, and grammar and mechanics. It's important to note that we don't simply fix grammar and mechanics issues for students. Instead, we identify them and ask the students to fix them in their writing. After we grade the writing, we explain what errors (if any) still exist and explain the errors.

After proofreading is complete, we engage students in our Collaborative Peer Review routine. Students work in teams to help each other improve their writing. Students analyze and evaluate grammar and mechanics, sentence structure, organization, and content. Together, they make their writing stronger while building speaking skills and community in the classroom.

Auto-grade, Reflect, & Feedback

As soon as students submit their writing for evaluation, we ask two questions that engage students in metacognitive thought:

  1. What part of your writing are you most proud of?
  2. What part of the writing assignment would you like more help with?

Then, students receive a rubric score and personalized feedback in 40 seconds. Teachers can review scores and feedback before releasing them to the students.

Propel Learning with Immediate Feedback!

Say goodbye to the waiting game! Ink provides instantaneous, actionable feedback at every stage of the writing journey. Our intelligent automation not only supports students but also ensures their thinking is not just visible but elevated.


With our advanced computing software, we deliver timely feedback on students' writing skills. This immediate feedback is more effective in helping students grow as writers.


Our personalized feedback engages students in higher-level thinking as they evaluate their strengths and work toward achieving specific writing goals that are personal to each student.


Differentiate support so all students engage in the writing process. Ink cultivates a love for writing by offering dynamic, personalized support that resonates with each student.

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